"Kevin Morris is that rare writer who bridges the class divide, illuminating the lives of working class characters and affluent professionals with equal authenticity and insight. WHITE MAN’S PROBLEMS is a revelatory collection that marks the arrival of striking new voice in American fiction." - Tom Perrotta, author of The Leftovers, Election, and Little Children

"Kevin Morris’ voice is Updike and Cheever and Carver, chilly streets, basketball courts, backyard swimming pools…they would welcome their new neighbor…so will you." - Eric Roth, Academy Award-winning screenwriter of Forrest Gump

"In White Man’s Problems, Kevin Morris takes us on an unforgettable tour of the American male psyche. Writing with wit, honesty, and incredible range, he illuminates the lives of lovestruck teenagers, hapless South Philly hoods, depraved Los Angeles attorneys, ex-jocks turned banking wizards, and host of other characters who have risen from their working class backgrounds only to find themselves undone by the trappings of success. These brutal and heartfelt stories will knock you out." - Jim Gavin, author of Middle Men

In nine contemporary stories bouncing between nouveau riche Los Angeles and the working-class East Coast, Kevin Morris explores the gray areas of modern life. His believable characters self-consciously grapple with both technology and postmodern cynicism, trying to be good men and not fail their children, “at once living the whiteness and watching it.” White man’s problems these may be, but Morris’s themes feel universal in scope." - Rebecca Foster, Foreward Reviews

"A superb literary gallery of men who can't understand why life has given them what they want." - Kirkus Reviews

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