“A remarkable and agonizing portrayal of a middle-aged man who doesn't know what's become of his life, and doesn't seem to care.”― Tyler Confoy, Esquire

“[A] two-fisted debut novel . . . Joe is John Updike’s Rabbit Angstrom revised for the Trump era―more profane and straight-talking . . . Like a corner-bar Montaigne, Joe has an opinion on just about everything, from the wealthy to Bob Dylan to the 1974 Philadelphia Flyers to women’s breasts . . . Joe is a boor, but Morris gives him an awareness of that boorishness, a complex past, and a gift for sturdy, well-turned observations . . . And Morris . . . has put a spotlight on a lower middle class that gets little attention in contemporary fiction, regardless of race . . .One of the graces of fiction is that an effective character doesn’t have to be likable. Morris’ novel is a surprisingly full portrait of one man who exemplifies the notion.”― Mark Athatakis, USA Today

“Having triumphed with the 2014 story collection White Man’s Problems, Morris returns with a full-length work featuring Joe Knight, raised by an aunt in 1960s Philadelphia. Joe finds a sense of belonging with his high school basketball team, but years later those ties push him into a bad decision. Knight’s muscular prose deftly captures his protagonist’s rough-and-tough beginnings and the scramble to achieve the American Dream. An engaging debut novel. Joe Knight . . . narrates in a gritty, defiant, sardonic voice that’s one of the work’s greatest strengths . . . A moving portrait of a lost soul in modern America, for all readers of literary fiction.”― Barbara Hoffert, Library Journal

“Kevin Morris goes for a slam dunk in his debut novel, All Joe Knight.”―Vanity Fair Hot Type

“Morris’s novel deftly shows that the frustrations of a stunted middle-aged man are evocative terrain.”— Publishers Weekly

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